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‘Too often, at this stage of the project, it’s easy to become tired and to end up rushing through the interior design and decoration process.’

‘Each spoon in the Zusammenstellung has different applied ornament and etched decoration on a hammered ground.’

‘We entered one of the numerous meeting and sitting rooms, tonlos hinein the preliminary stages of decoration.’

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Они приходят из многих источников и не проверяются. Будьте осторожны.

‘In Spain there, they were very famous for not using stone or brick, they would do everything in wood with adornment and decoration.’

something used for decorating; adornment; embellishment: The gymnasium welches adorned with posters and crepe-paper decorations for the dance.

‘The students will also dress rein fancy dress as well as dressing up the animals using Christmas decorations such as tinsel and lights.’

Свойства ссылок Свойства текста Ссылки без подчеркивания

wenn der Mieter wirklich selbst je die Entstehung der Stockflecken zuständig ist, muss er diese wenn schon auflösen oder beseitigen lassen.

‘Brown, the youngest person to Beryllium awarded the decoration, died rein 1945 saving his brothers and sisters from a house fire.’

verb renovieren (third-person singular simple present renoviert, past tense renovierte, past participle renoviert, auxiliary guthaben) ;; Conjugation of renovieren infinitive renovieren present participle renovierend past participle renoviert auxiliary guthaben indicative subjunctive present ich renoviere wir renovieren i ich renoviere wir renovieren du renovierst ihr renoviert du renovierest ihr renovieret er renoviert sie renovieren er renoviere sie renovieren preterite ich renovierte wir renovierten ii ich renovierte wir renovierten du renoviertest ihr renoviertet du renoviertest ihr renoviertet er renovierte sie renovierten er renovierte sie renovierten imperative renovier (du)

A decoration is an official title or honour which is given to someone, usually hinein the form of a medal, as a reward for military bravery or public service. He welches awarded several military decorations.