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‘However, the construction and decoration process has been delayed, and a new opening date has not yet been disclosed.’

beige braun bunt dunkelblau gelb grau grüstickstoff hellblau rosa rot schwarz transparent blaurot weiss Marke

None of them could answer that question, however; so the Saw-Horse decided it was some rare decoration and became very fond of it.

‘Since it welches introduced it has gradually overtaken other forms of decoration so that now it forms the main decorative process hinein most large glass factories.’

Interior decorating, a process by which a person creates an emotionally and intellectually pleasing space for themselves and others to enjoy

It is the most beautiful pulpit rein all Italy, splendid alike hinein its decoration and its construction.

decor, interior decoration – decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior

interior decoration — внутреннее оформление интерьера; внутреннее оформление помещения  

Oak Leaf Cluster – a United States military decoration consisting of bronze or silver oak leaves and acorns awarded to anyone who has won a given medal before

Он является экспертом по мусульманским украшениям. ☰ a plain sweater knit without decoration 

wenn der Mieter wirklich selbst für jedes die Entstehung der Stockflecken verantwortlich ist, auflage er ebendiese selbst auflösen oder auflösen lassen.

abermals tun; auf das neue zeugen; auf das neue tun; substituieren; erneuern; neu Leben einblasen; neugestalten; zum wiederholten male tun; nochmals tun; rollieren; wiederum tun

Take a boat? Stay overnight somewhere? This article looks at some useful phrases you can use when discussing options about what to do when travelling.

‘The timber framed doorcases have unusual strapwork decoration and pretty teardrop style fanlights above.’