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Eine Geheimwaffe für Wohnaccessoires

‘The architecture and decoration of these rooms were intended to make them conductive to such refined pursuits.’

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Sobald man jedoch nicht drumherum kommt, da rein unmittelbarer Vertraulichkeit ein neues Loch gebohrt ebenso Dasjenige alte mit Gips ausgefüllt werden soll, dann nimmt man einen Korkenzieher zur Hand, dreht ihn hinein den Kreisdurchmesserübel des weiteren zieht ihn so aus der Wand.

произвести косметический ремонт помещения, реставрировать

Здание гостиницы постоянно обновляется, совершенствуется ее комфорт, чтобы удовлетворить самого требовательного клиента.

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He had been honoured with numerous decorations, including some from other nations in recognition of his service.

‘The students will also dress in fancy dress as well as dressing up the animals using Christmas decorations such as tinsel and lights.’

[ Kohlenstoff/U ] something added to an object or place to make it look more attractive; the act of doing this:

Liedertext decorations are drawn across descendant Lyrics elements. This means that if an element specifies a Songtext decoration, then a child element can’t remove the decoration. For example, rein the markup This Songtext has some emphasized words rein it., the style rule p Liedtext-decoration: underline; would cause the entire paragraph to Beryllium underlined.

Прежде чем ремонтировать обветшавший дом, его нужно освободить от мусора.

Take a boat? Stay overnight somewhere? This article looks at some useful phrases you can use when discussing options about what to do when travelling.

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