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Details, Fiktion und Wohnaccessoires

‘Its paint work and decoration, although lautlos faded and peeling, welches slightly less faded and peeling than that of the Ausschuss of the rooms.’

abhelfen; aufbessern; ausbauen; ausbessern; korrigieren; bessern; komplementieren; erneuern; regulieren; renovieren; besser machen; vervollkommnen

volute, spiral – ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a center with an increasing distance from the center

‘Since it was introduced it has gradually overtaken other forms of decoration so that now it forms the main decorative process rein most large glass factories.’

Interior decorating, a process by which a person creates an emotionally and intellectually pleasing space for themselves and others to enjoy

aufbessern; ausbauen; ausbessern; beenden; korrigieren; vollenden; fertigbringen; fertigmachen; fertigstellen; komplettieren; perfektionieren; vervollkommnen; vervollständigen; vollenden

Der Vormieter verstarb in der Wohnung und ich musste unteranderem in der gesamten Wohnung einen neuen Boden abtransportieren, um mich real auch hinein der Wohnung wohl zu fühlen.

He had been honoured with numerous decorations, including some from other nations rein recognition of his service.

Zugehörig:  dekoration wohnzimmer deko dekoration silber tischdekoration hochzeitsdekoration dekofiguren dekoration gebraucht wandtattoo dekoration aquarium

indicative ich habe renoviert wir guthaben renoviert subjunctive ich habe renoviert wir haben renoviert

Похоже, они очень сблизились после того, как он обновил вашу ванную пару месяцев назад.

The clergy themselves did not bear arms, but were allowed to wear medals and decorations on their clerical robes.

‘The reverse of the vessel bears brushed cobalt blue floral decoration at the shoulder and a continuation of the flowers that appear on the Vorderseite.’

A decoration is an official title or honour which is given to someone, usually in the form of a medal, as a reward for military bravery or public service. He welches awarded several military decorations.